2012 NFL Contest

Think you can pick football games like a pro? Here is your chance to prove it. This year the World Series of Handicapping will showcase some of the best football handicappers in the world all battling to be called the best.

Can You Win the Ring?
Can You Win the Ring?

Bookie Blitz is the official blog for the World Series of Handicapping Contest. Bookmark the site for weekly articles about picks, standings and updates on WSOH-1. The winner of this inaugural free pick ‘em contest will be known as the best football handicapper in the world and will have a monstrous ring to prove it.

The contest will have football handicappers pick seven games each week during the NFL season. Picks must be ranked from 7.0 units (highest rated play) down to 1.0 unit (lowest rated play). Picks will be ranked from highest to lowest units (7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 unit). The contestant with the highest amount of “units won” at the end of the Regular Season (Week 17) will be declared the winner.

But perhaps more importantly the winner will be labeled the first handicapper to capture the “Ring” and the title of champion of the World Series of Handicapping.

Entry to the contest is free and is sponsored by online sportsbook Bookmaker. Bookmaker is also offering cash accounts as prizes for the WHO-1 contest.

Sign up at Bookmaker and get ready to collect your winning, that’s if you’re good enough. Here is a look at the prize structure for the contest.

1st Place $500 account at Bookmaker.eu
2nd Place $250 account at Bookmaker.eu
3rd Place $100 account at Bookmaker.eu
4th Place $50 account at Bookmaker.eu
5th Place $20 account at Bookmaker.eu
6th to 10th Place 1-Year Subscription to ATS Database

The contest is open for registration now and it’s free.

So quit bragging about your picks and put your football picking ability to the test by signing up now for the World Series of Handicapping.

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